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Tips & Tricks

How to work profitably in times of uncertainty

5 operational tips that will improve your restaurant finances

Ann-Katrin Gallinat
February 2022

Tips & Tricks

How to surprise your guests with food and experience boxes

Often, the experience of the restaurant is lost when the food is delivered in a plain cardboard box and cheap, thin plastic containers. The ingredients look as limp as if they have been in the sauna too long, the walk over the cobblestones has bowled everything around unappetisingly.

March 2021

Industry trends

Climate catastrophe wastefulness!

The figures for food waste in Germany and around the world are appalling. In Germany, approximately 18 million tons of food are thrown away every year. A large part of it is produced in the catering trade. Every EU citizen wastes an average of 173 kg of food per year. Climate change expert Chad Frischmann says that reducing food waste is one of the most important things we can do to combat climate change.

Ann-Katrin Gallinat
July 2020

Tips & Tricks

How you prevent guests from ordering unprofitable dishes

"Never change a running menu": Many restaurateurs are afraid to change their menu. It's like opening an old box you keep in the attic. The box is dusty, and you don't know exactly what's inside. You would rather not touch it. Because who knows if you can close the box once you have opened it?

Uwe Ladwig
June 2020

Tips & Tricks

How to save 10,000 euro with optimal employee scheduling

Finally, the hospitality industry is powering up again. Everyone is back: your guests and your employees. But also your worries? If you seize the opportunity and adjust the right levers in your business, you will go into an uncertain future with fewer worries.

Jens Ertel
June 2020