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Creative Catering Ideas for the Lockdown and afterwards

Ann-Katrin Gallinat
October 2021

While in the first lockdown restaurateurs were busy dealing with the current events and requesting financial help, the companies are now approaching the second lockdown with a tad more experience. Nobody knows how long the lockdown will last and if there will be another lockdown despite the great progress in vaccines. What is needed now are innovative concepts. Restaurateurs are facing the crisis with all kinds of creative ideas. We have asked around.


Brunch Boxes: For a delicious start to the weekend

Café Malefiz in Regensburg offers three differently packed brunch boxes (veggie, vegan and meat box) to take away on Saturdays and Sundays. It is not only because of the content but also due to the presentation of the boxes that they are sold out every week.

The Intolerant Isi in Munich also had very good experiences with their tasty brunch boxes. They offer wheat-free and gluten-free brunch boxes that satisfy the taste buds of the guests.


Brunch box innovative restaurant idea

Brunch box, Café Malefiz

Popup Window: The culinary window of the lockdown

Making a virtue out of necessity: Under the motto “Something always works”, the Foodlab in Hamburg is breaking new ground with an innovative approach. During the lockdown, the creators transformed the “pop-up restaurant” in Hamburg into a “pop-up window”.  In the kitchen and in the window are renowned restaurateurs from the Hamburg gastronomy scene. They prepare riveting snacks, to-go dishes and drinks. The interesting thing is the mixture: there are stars and starlets. You can let yourself be surprised or take a look at your favourites in the “pop-up programme”.


Berliner Proviant: Four-star cuisine at home

The one starred kitchen at einsunternull in Berlin has also dedicated itself to the “To-Go” theme in the second lockdown. With its “Berliner Proviant” the restaurant offers exquisite dishes and products from the acclaimed restaurant. The Berliner Proviant is a fully-fledged three-course menu for two people, which only needs to be warmed up in the local kitchen. Praiseworthy: einsunternull donates 10 Euros of the proceeds of every Berlin provision bought to a non-profit organisation (#einsunterstützt).


Kebab and wine: Now introducing the gourmet Kebab

Other gourmet restaurants have changed their offer without reducing the quality. One example is the Bar Mural in Munich. After all, doner kebabs can be found on every corner. But what about gourmet kebabs? The owners of the gourmet restaurant Bar Mural offer the “hallobitteschön-Döner”. The doner kebabs promise a real explosion of taste and are perfect delicate hand warmers for the way home.


Weekend box: Everything you need for cooking

If you want to cook for yourself on the weekend, but don’t have the inspiration, ingredients or a recipe, the weekend box by Lode & Stijn from Berlin is the perfect choice. The weekend box is full to bursting with various products from the restaurant’s kitchen. So that it doesn’t get boring, the main ingredient changes every weekend.

This week in the box: Ten days matured Bresse chicken from Lars Odefey from the Lüneburger Heide, seasoned and with a recipe for perfect preparation. Also in the box: Chickpeas cooked with olive oil, black cabbage and onions, Lode’s sourdough bread, lightly whipped brown butter, cow’s milk feta from Erdhof Seewalde, apple chutney, fennel seed crackers, broth from roasted lamb, steamed broccoli with linseed oil, bitter bales to deep-fry at home, Lode & Stijn tea melange, beetroot and quince juice, a variety of vegetables and to finish, a clementine bergamot cake with yoghurt and olive oil.

Lode & Stein

Lode & Stijn


Gourmet Advent calendar: Every day a piece of joyful anticipation

An impulse for the pre-Christmas season: Togather has designed an Advent calendar in Munich with a lot of love, culinary craftsmanship and regional products. The calendar is hung on a birch branch and comes ready filled and decorated.

The calendar includes, for example, homemade vitality shots, a homemade rum pot and mulled wine, crispy biscuits and handmade chocolates, homemade jams, high-quality organic teas, freshly ground coffee and the odd surprise. The price per calendar is 60 euros. The Togather sells the calendar not only to its guests in Munich, but also throughout Germany.

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