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Gain full control over your menu and prices with DISH Professional Order

February 2021

From a rather annoying additional service to the main earner: Those who want to financially survive the shutdown have to focus on the pick-up and delivery service. However, the competition is high, as the big online delivery services are equipped with high marketing budgets. Delivery services advertise at prime time and appear at the top of the Google hit list.

Many restaurateurs see this development with mixed feelings: on the one hand, cooperation with the delivery services promises more guests and turnover, but the commissions charged of up to 30 per cent are so high that in the end little remains, and, from a purely financial point of view, cooperation is not worthwhile.

Nevertheless, more and more restaurateurs are jumping on the delivery service bandwagon so as not to wait idly for guests and instead be commissioned by the delivery service. The “carefree package” sounds tempting restaurateurs don’t have to worry about customer acquisition, billing or even delivery. But this service comes at a high price: many delivery service customers don’t care where the food comes from – the main thing is that it is delivered quickly, is warm and tastes good. Delievery services take care of their own customer loyalty and restaurants become interchangeable producers of dishes for anonymous customers.


Pizza takeaway
Pizza at home


With DISH Professional Order, more money stays in your till

Until now, there was no alternative to the established online delivery services. Most restaurant websites lacked ordering options and restaurateurs were not technically prepared for online orders and their processing. DISH, which specialises in the digitalisation of all processes in the restaurant industry, now offers a clever alternative with DISH Professional Order, with which restaurateurs can offer an online pick-up and delivery service and save themselves the high commissions.

DISH customers get their own professional web shop where visitors can select dishes from a digital menu and pay directly online. The order is then received by the restaurateur on an app. With a handheld terminal developed by DISH, the order is printed out and given to the kitchen. In this way, the overview is maintained in the restaurant and later during collection and delivery. In the web shop, customers choose whether they want to pick up the dish themselves or have it delivered. This requires the organisation of a separate delivery service; however, DISH Professional Order does not incur high commission costs.

A big advantage of DISH Professional Order is transparency: in the app, all orders are visually traceable. The customer data does not belong to the delivery service, but to the restaurateur and can be used for customer loyalty measures.

In comparison with delivery service, the DISH Professional Order webshop pays off, already in the short term

Anyone who wants to offer an online pick-up and delivery service should calculate exactly when such an offer is worthwhile at all. In contrast to the delivery services, DISH customers pay a one-time fee of 299 Euros for the DISH Professional Order Webshop and 49 Euros per month for its operation. Currently, the state takes over almost 90 percent of the digitisation costs within the framework of the bridging allowance. Yet even without the subsidy, the webshop quickly pays for itself, compared to a deliver service already with about a dozen dishes per month.


The Google Integration and uncomplicated start

Another advantage of DISH Professional Order is the integration with Google. Anyone who searches for the restaurant online or finds it via certain keywords can order directly in Google on the DISH Professional Order menu.

The contents and prices of the online menu can be flexibly changed online. All that is needed to set up DISH Professional Order is a photo of the menu, which is digitised by DISH and transferred to the web shop.  Before the order is activated, the DISH service staff guides you through the ordering process from clicking on “Order” to the output in the app and in the terminal, and then you’re ready to go.

Offer your customers an online pick-up and delivery service that is also profitable for you!

Take online orders independently.

Break free and start putting your own business interest first. With DISH Professional Order we offer you a solution for online ordering without commission.

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