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When does your own DISH Professional Order shop pay off?

February 2021

In the current shutdown, many restaurateurs are relying on the high traction of delivery services. Restaurateurs prepare food which is then picked up by messengers and delivered to anonymous customers.

The commissions for such delivery services are high and the customer data remains with the delivery services. In a previous post, we already introduced our DISH Professional Order tool. With DISH Professional Order, you get your own web shop, which enables your customers to order online and you can manage the pickup or the delivery. The major advantage of a delivery service is its popularity and the promise that you will get guests who would never have found you otherwise.


Sample calculation: How DISH Professional Order saves you a lot of money 

Maybe you have already calculated if your delivery volume and value of goods will be sufficient to make a cooperation with a delivery service profitable.  Here is a sample calculation comparing the costs of a delivery service and DISH Professional Order, based on the numbers of a fictional small Italian restaurant, open 25 days a month:

  • In this example, the average shopping cart is at 18 Euros and the restaurant delivers about 15 orders a day.
  • This results in a turnover of about 5,000 euros per month. Assuming the commission for the online delivery service is 13 percent, the restaurateur pays a commission of 2.34 euros for each order.

What will happen if the restaurateur additionally opens his DISH Professional Order web shop and generates 25 percent sales via his own web shop?

  • Since the restaurateur saves commissions from this 25 percent share, the additional costs per order decrease to 0.83 Euros. This already includes the installation costs and monthly costs of DISH Professional Order (299 euros one-time, 49 euros) as well as other additional costs, for example your delivery costs.
  • In this scenario, the restaurateur already saves over 1,300 euros per year.

With an increasing share of orders via DISH Professional Order, the restaurateur will save even more. With 90 percent of orders placed via DISH Professional Order, more than 6,300 euros could be saved per year.


How many dishes have to be sold online to make home delivery and the DISH Professional Order web shop worthwhile?

Even a small takeaway business with a monthly turnover of 1,500 Euros could offer a profitable online delivery service. According to our calculation, a takeaway business is already worthwhile with 13 orders per month.

If you like, our DISH Professional Order team will be happy to help you calculate how you save money with DISH Professional Order and how to become independent of big and costly delivery services.


Offer your customers an online pick-up and delivery service that is also beneficial to you.

Take online orders independently.

Break free and start putting your own business interest first. With DISH Professional Order we offer you a solution for online ordering without commission.

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