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Building a second channel for 0% commission online orders

Október 2021

With digital solutions of the DISH brand, METRO supports the individual gastronomy in Europe in different ways. In addition to the benefits of digitalization, we are particularly concerned about the independence, profitability and diversity of the catering industry. The different lockdown scenarios made it clear how important the out-ofhouse business would become for the restaurant industry. Even before the pandemic, there was a clear growth trend in this segment, which, like many other trends, was really accelerated by COVID-19. Especially, takeaway and delivery became the main factor of income during lockdowns when restaurants were only allowed to serve their guests this way.  

According to the management consultancy Roland Berger, the share of out-of-house sales will continue to rise significantly in all hospitality segments: 

The importance of this market is evident in the fact that there are a number of global companies that dominate the market by providing delivery services and platforms to end customers. As a restaurant, therefore, you quickly feel obliged to place your own offer on these platforms, as they can virtually guarantee a high demand and many orders in the out-of-house business. Restaurateurs can escape high commission payments when placed in delivery portals by offering more options in delivery service, thereby increasing their profitability.  


Cooperation with delivery portals has some advantages, but also significant disadvantages 



Good visibility to potential guests 

No own marketing necessary 

High volume of orders 

Low effort



High commissions & fees 

Adjustments take a long time 

Provider manages the store 

Customer rarely becomes a regular 

Provider picks off regular customers 

Provider decides which restaurant is found


The best way to manage out-of-house business is with more independence  

The independence & profitability of autonomous restaurateurs is close to our heart! Used correctly, every restaurateur can benefit from their own webshop for delivery & pickup of meals via DISH Professional Order. The idea: Build a second channel for commission-free orders. Regular guests order directly on your own webshop instead of switching to expensive platform providers. The advantages are manifold:  


1. No commissions or contract periods 

DISH Professional Order does not charge commissions for orders received through this solution. A fair monthly fee and monthly option to cancel invite you to simply test it without risk. Run your own store. 


2. With DISH Professional Order you are in the driver’s seat. 

With a few clicks in the intuitive back office, you can create new items, change prices or generate your own coupon code – without any previous knowledge. 


3. Easy to use 

DISH Order is so simple and intuitive that your employees will quickly become familiar with the possibilities. Thanks to the modern ordering device, a connection to your cash register is not necessary. 


4. Excellent service 

We take care of the setup and support for you. Our customer service will create your store, explain its functions and will always be there if you need help.  


5. Google optimization 

By optimizing in your Google My Business listing, you can reach exactly the guests who are looking for you directly with DISH Professional Order. Invite them to order directly on your DISH Order store. 


6. Marketing 

We support you with your own marketing of your DISH Order store. You can easily use discount coupons to convince your regular guests to order directly from you. 


7. Own guests 

Build your own guests with DISH Professional Order who will order regularly through your portal. Within a few weeks the demand on your own webshop will grow and with each order you will save significant commissions that you normally would have paid to the portals. 


DISH Professional Order is a good example of what we do to help our customers be successful themselves and enjoy being hosts. Take advantage of our offer on  


Online megrendelések önállóan történő felvétele.

Break free and start putting your own business interest first. With DISH Professional Order we offer you a solution for online ordering without commission.

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