"There has not been a crisis of this scale since 1945", were the words of many politicians and economic experts who spoke at the beginning of the Corona crisis. The restaurants are still closed and even if there is some relaxation, the restaurant business will not be the same for a long time. In Spain, for example, restaurants will be allowed to reopen, but only with a capacity of 30 percent or only outside. Guests must also keep social distancing.

How can you generate enough turnover in such a situation? And where to start? The cost mountain has become bigger. This means that you will have to cover even higher costs with your turnover in the future than before.

The success calculator should exemplify how strongly your various actions influence your business. You decide what you should focus on immediately and intensively. To evaluate the effect of the individual measures independently of each other and to compare realistic figures, we assume a positive change of 10 percent. The starting point is the following status quo (p.m. = per month, all figures in net, replace the numbers with your key figures):

After this starting point, let us consider the individual effects with the help of the following figure:

Practice shows that the sales plus of 10% = €2,500 has relatively no effect on the cost groups personnel costs and the operating costs. However, the sales increase includes a purchase of goods of €800 (32%). If you subtract the purchase of goods amounting to €800 from the sales plus of €2,500, the effect on earnings is €1,700.

In summary, this has the following effect on your operating result:

This means: 10% more turnover has a more intensive effect of up to 100% than comparable cost optimisations.

So, before you reduce costs, first try to consistently implement measures to increase sales. In the next part, we will show you which concrete measures you can take to increase sales.


Jens Ertel, after 20 years of a classic hotel and restaurant career, has been working as an independent gastronomy coach/trainer and consultant for 15 years and has owned a hotel and restaurant in the meantime. He has specialised in the topic "active selling" and "turnover growth" in the gastronomy business.