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Advanced package


  • In addition to the basic package:
  • Allocate seat numbers to your tables
  • Statistics to explore your customers' behaviour
  • Set discount hours (beta)
  • Customer database (beta)
  • Receive customer feedback and publish it on your website (beta)

Basic package


  • Set reservation hours
  • Set number of available seats
  • Connect to your website
  • Digital reservation book
  • Email reminders
  • SMS confirmations and requests (beta)
Manage reservations on the fly

Now with the DISH mobile app, convenience is in your hands.

Stay in control

You are the boss. Keep track of your performance with inbuilt reports & statistics

Engage directly with your guests

Receive feedback from your diners and publish it to your website!

Get guests directly from Google

Our customers benefited from 30% more reservations. Don’t miss out!

Smart table-management

Our algorithm automates table allocation for reservations and gives you more time to interact with your guests

Benefit from our industry partnerships

We bring you more guests from our industry partners and help your business grow

Create your own promotions

Incentivize your diners to make a reservation by creating your own offers and promotions.

SMS reminders for your guests

Reduce the no-show rate by sending SMS reminders to your guests

Advanced package


  • Opening hours
  • Reservation hours
  • Total seats (with table setup)
  • Reservation widget
  • Digital reservation book
  • Email reminders
  • Advanced reservation settings
  • Discount hours
  • Diner database statistics
  • Feedback
  • Enable extra SMS reminders

Basic package


  • Opening hours
  • Reservation hours
  • Total seats (no table set up)
  • Reservation widget
  • Digital reservation book
  • Email reminders

What others are saying

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“My customers are now able to book a table at any time”

Nicolo Straripa, Straripa Bar

“It's very convenient und really easy to use”

Marco, La Cucina Dei Frigoriferi Milanesi

“It allows us to have full control over the booking process”

Simona and Willy, Altroke

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