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Break free and start putting your own business interest first. With DISH Professional Order we offer you a solution for online ordering without commission.


Take online orders independently.

You didn't start your business to...


...let others dictate your menu

...give away 30% of your turnover clueless about your clientele

...let others profit from your talent

...see another brand name when googling yours only blend in

Find out how DISH Professional Order helps you become independent

9 tips to start your own webshop successfully with DISH Professional Order

Gain full control over your menu and prices with DISH Professional Order

When does your own DISH Professional Order shop pay off?

Become independent from delivery platforms and let your guests order food from your own website with DISH Professional Order

DISH Professional Order offers you:

  • 0% commission per order for a fixed monthly fee
  • full overview on your online customers
  • full control over your menu and prices
  • online traffic directly to your website
  • unique style in menu design and promotions to stand out