Whether they already run well or not: we have seen digital solutions massively improve the economics and the lifestyle of restaurateurs. Find out where going digital helps your business most.

For restaurateurs - by restaurateurs

Before we add solutions to the DISH community, we ask restaurateurs to try them and provide feedback. Only the most recommended ones are added to the portfolio. If you become part of our innovation community, we will suggest tools for you to test. We will cover all licence fees for one year with no contractual obligations afterwards. We just expect you to use the tools and give feedback in order to evaluate the service.

Free licenses

We cover the costs for one year, with no obligations afterwards

Wide range

We are testing solutions in all areas of restaurant digitization

Solutions added monthly

If you haven't found relevant tools, try again next month. We add new solutions every single month

Your feedback counts

Based on your feedback, we will be able to steadily improve the offers for the DISH community

How do we test digital solutions

In the METROpolitan Pilot – the Innovation Community, we have, to date, given over 100 different tools to over 500 restaurants so far – in 5 European countries. After a few weeks or a month of restaurants using the service, we consult them, in person or over the phone, to get feedback. If, for example, a majority of restaurateurs recommends the service and is willing to pay the normal price we recommend the tool as being part of DISH in that respect. Additionally, we get valuable data from the startups to better understand the usage and effects.

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Why restaurateurs love the program

Many restaurateurs have thought about going digital. They just don't know where to start. METROpolitan Pilot – the Innovation Community offers them a wide range of solutions to pick the ones most relevant for their specific needs. Restaurateurs can therefore use the little spare time they have on what helps them most.

Still not convinced?

Find out what others have said about their METROpolitan.

“Before we went digital, I worked 14 hours, 7 days a week. Now, I work 50% less”


“I'm very happy to be part of the program. I now use so many tools that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.”

Jeniffer Schmid
(Schwarze Heidi)

“Nowadays the world is moving towards digital, so we have to adapt, too.”

(La Casa Iberica, Milano)