Make your restaurant famous – with a signature dish!

Be it vegan döner kebab, currywurst with wasabi or grandma's potato soup, they all have the potential of becoming the next big thing on the gastronomy scene as a signature dish. What this buzz word stands for is simply a pepped-up version of the good old “specialty of the house”. But whether new-fangled or old-fashioned, with a signature dish on your menu, you can boost your sales with very little effort.

Rule #1: The sky's the limit

You've probably noticed already: there is actually no rule that says what can become a signature dish. Be it a recipe from mum's secret cookbook, a specialty from your region or a dish that goes really well with your restaurant's concept, you can benefit from all these inspirations. Just keep one thing in mind: spice up the recipe with your own special touch or secret ingredient. And don't forget a fun, little background story that you can write in the menu. This will help you to not only conjure up an unforgettable culinary experience for your diners, but to also give them the feeling of being in an exciting story they'll want to share with their friends.

  • Rule #1: The sky's the limit
  • Be the talk of the town both offline and online
  • Most important: satisfied customers

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