Successful calculations – easy as 1-2-3!

An exceptional business idea is only half the battle won – to turn it into an exceptional business you need one thing above all others: good calculation skills. We provide you with a few fundamentals.

The top 4 in your calculations

Complicated calculations might not be a particularly exciting topic – but it's not rocket science either. In order to accumulate substantial profits in your business account at the end of the day, you need to keep just 4 factors in mind:

  1. Purchasing – for all the food and beverages you need, and don't forget the delivery and transport costs
  2. Expenses – those pesky odds and ends wanting to be met: power, water, rent, franchising or leasing fees, insurance, maintenance and waste disposal
  3. Payroll – your staff needs their salaries, wages and social security
  4. Taxes – remember your VAT and income tax! Many an insolvency has been the result of back payments.
  • The top 4 in your calculations
  • Perfect pricing practice
  • Most important: satisfied customers
  • Drum up more business

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