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Win customers with a “Signature Dish“

January 2020

Rule #1: The sky’s the limit

You’ve probably noticed already: there is actually no rule that says what can become a signature dish. Be it a recipe from mum’s secret cookbook, a specialty from your region or a dish that goes really well with your restaurant’s concept, you can benefit from all these inspirations. Just keep one thing in mind: spice up the recipe with your own special touch or secret ingredient. And don’t forget a fun, little background story that you can write in the menu. This will help you to not only conjure up an unforgettable culinary experience for your diners, but to also give them the feeling of being in an exciting story they’ll want to share with their friends.

Be the talk of the town both offline and online

If your signature dish is well chosen, the word will soon spread when your diners tell their friends and through online reviews. And, before you can say “signature dish” three times, it will already have made your restaurant as famous as Van Gogh is for his sunflowers. And that’s how it should be, because a signature dish is the trademark of your restaurant. Once word about it spreads to your diners, in Google reviews and Instagram, the media will inevitably start paying attention. It might begin with a post on YouTube or a food blog and then turn into a report on local television or in a magazine. But don’t jump for joy just yet, because anything is possible.


Most important: satisfied customers

Marketing success aside, your diners are still the most important reason for creating a signature dish. After all, these days we’re constantly surrounded by trends and under pressure from the competition. The result: you always need something new & exciting on your menu to keep your diners coming back. With a signature dish you can escape this vicious circle by guaranteeing your diners something to look forward to. They’re happy, your revenues are rising and you can establish your restaurant as a brand people recognise – the perfect win-win situation!

So you’d better get started today, come up with a signature dish and use the DISH Website Builder to easily add it to your online menu!

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