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How to Increase Loyalty of Your Customers in Uncertain Times

Alexander Lohse
October 2021

We live in a fast moving, complex world with many changes and resulting uncertainties. Especially today’s unpredictable times present many challenges—and restaurateurs are often strongly affected.

In volatile times it is especially important to keep loyal regular customers because they play a central role in your business. Gaining new customers has always been difficult: they come and go, are only in town for a few days, are getting younger and more digital—and they are harder to impress. Also, acquiring new customers is five to ten times more expensive than keeping a guest.

Regular customers ensure the success of your business. If your customers are enthusiastic and appreciate your services, their price acceptance is usually higher, and they will visit more often. As fans of your restaurant, regular customers like to share positive experiences with friends and pass on recommendations.


Loyalty incentives are powerful motivators 

In current times, some regular customers have been more reluctant to visit their favourite restaurants. Sitting together in larger groups or visits to pubs or birthday parties are rare. If socialising is not enough motivation for a restaurant visit, then you need another lever – customer loyalty programmes.

Now, customer loyalty is key in the hospitality business. Conversely, customers want to be assured that they can visit without worries. In addition, visiting their favourite restaurant is now even more worthwhile, as regular customers get something back in the form of bonus points. With the digital tool “DISH BONUS“, you can generate up to 85% more regular customer turnover, win new customers and convert occasional visitors into loyal regular customers.


Who has successful customer loyalty programs already?

If you attract customers with good offers, interesting bonus programmes and special experiences, you will have more loyal customers in the long run. Several companies have already achieved significant success with customer loyalty programs. These include PAYBACK, the most successful loyalty programme in Germany. Payback has 31 million members, nine out of ten people know Payback and over 600 companies, including Aral, dm and Rewe take part in their bonus programme. These programmes work extremely well. Payback members spend more money and return more often than non-members.

Miles & More has a similar concept. As the largest frequent flyer and bonus programme in Europe with over 28 million members worldwide, Miles & More has been in business for a long time. Members earn or redeem miles at more than 300 partner companies.

Both programmes are now exclusive partners of our new bonus programme for restaurateurs. DISH BONUS is the only digital loyalty programme with access to Miles & More and PAYBACK. Both will promote DISH BONUS in various marketing campaigns. Members of PAYBACK or Miles & More can now collect points or bonus miles in your restaurant.


Now is the ideal time to get involved: Become a pioneer in digital customer loyalty

For years, the success of PAYBACK and Miles & More and their partner companies has shown that loyalty programmes are effective. They increase customer loyalty and generate higher sales. However, the trend has not yet reached the gastronomy industry. Our digital tool DISH BONUS offers a special opportunity for the restaurateurs to increase customer loyalty using tested methods.


Take part and become a pioneer of digital customer loyalty in the gastronomy.

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